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A woman holding a bottle of Lure, Don't wake Me Dream Cream having her hair styled.

Tacklebox beauty is connected to Fish Hair Salon, a leader in Victoria since 1998.

Our stylists work every day on different textures of hair and are very well versed in our climate and its effects on hair. We have a screening process before bringing a new product to our shelves. It is tested and used by our stylists to determine if it works and fills a hole in what we already offer.  Just because something is new doesn’t mean it is great. Over the years we have seen new products launch and the excitement around marketing and branding but once the hoopla has surpassed, we tend to go back to our favourites. Unless of course we love the product performance.

We offer a variety of brands to suit everyone, their budget, and values.

When you purchase from us you are supporting local and buying from professionals.


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Hair colour 

Styling Donna Dyer


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